Dance in Poland becomes more and more popular due to popular TV shows and bigger amount of dance schools. People also like watching dance programmes, not only dance by themselves. Looking at the masters of dance, viewers want to exchange place on the dance floor and spin all over. For most people, dance becomes a pleasure and passion which you could fully immerse yourself in. All of us dance and are interested in dancing. That’s why It’s worth going with the dance flow.

DATE: 16th -17th of September 2023
PLACE: Hala MOSiR, Radom Narutowicza 9 Street
This year, the 10 Dance Championships, Ballroom and Latin Open to the World and Open Mazovian Championships. There will be participants from around the World, including actual World Champions in 10 dances and some categories. RFDF 2023 is a tournament open to all dancers, all federations and implements the idea of FREEDOM TO DANCE. It’ll be played in Amaterus and Senior categories, but also in : UNDER 21, UNDER 19, UNDER 16, UNDER 14, UNDER 12, UNDER 10, World Championships. It will let more participants take part in RFDF 2023. What’s more, additional tournament will be played in Open WDC formula. Dancers’ skills will be judged by the most outstanding judges which are Polish and world’s authorities.

Centrum Tańca Roman i Monika Pawelec-RADOM. Dance school of multiple Polish Champions in Latin dance. It has brought together top polish couples for over twenty years.
MOSiR Radom organizer from city Radom, patron and partner of Radom Freedom Dance Festival 2023.
Polskie Towarzystwo Taneczne
Okręg Mazowiecki Polskiego Towarzystwa Tanecznego